Aromatherapy 4 Brain Balancing

May 8, 2010

Aromatherapy for brain balancing is a really interesting subject, and something that can be practically extremely helpful, for example to relieve stress instantly, and to break out of thought loops you got stuck in. But there is even more to it than that.

You might have heard that we have preferred halves of our brains who do more work than the other half.

This can’t be a good thing; and for example you can test that out for yourself with your eyes and with your nose.

For example, hold up a finger in front of your face. Look at it with both eyes and note its location. Now cover up one eye, then the other. If one eye gives you the same location as when you’re looking at it with both eyes, and the other a different location, then the way you see is “unbalanced” towards the eye that sees it the same. Ideally, the finger should move both times a little left and right as one eye or the other “looks” at it separately.

The same preference comes into play with our sense of smell.

Take an aromatherapy oil and sniff it with one nostril only, holding the other shut.

Focus on the overall experience, how strong the scent is, what it tastes like in the back of your throat, how it affects your head and the rest of your body.

Now do the same with the other nostril and “spot the difference”.

Most people notice quite a difference in how much they can smell with one nostril or the other – that’s that preferential, unbalanced brain thing at work again.

So the first you can do to help balance your brain is the aromatherapy version of the alternate nostril breathing, where you hold one nostril shut at a time for one breath, then switch to the other for the next to a count of eight.

This is great and very de-stressing; choosing a good matching aromatherapy essential oil, something that you find uplifting or clearing, makes this even more interesting.

An aside – if you pay attention you can notice that one nostril “likes” some aromatherapy essential oils better than the other one, or experiences them completely differently – completely fascinating and good fun, so next time your friends come round, let them have a go, it really is so interesting!

But that’s just the basics of using aromatherapy essential oils for brain balancing.

Now is where it gets really interesting – we are going to use two distinctly different essential oils, one for each nostril, at the same time.

If you think about it, this would never happen in nature – you can only ever smell with both nostrils, what is there at the time. So what exactly that does to your brain, when it gets presented with two totally different scents at the same time, is really quite interesting and an experience in and of itself!

Aromatherapy Brain Balancing Using 2 Different Oils

Aromatherapy Brain Balancing Using 2 Different Oils

Presenting your brain with two different scents at the same time causes instant trance, that’s the first thing I noticed.

It also seems to activate the “lesser nostril” as it is sending different information, and after a while, it really starts to work better or more strongly or more synchronised, whichever way you want to describe this.

There are a number of other different side effects I’ve noticed, this effects the energy system and thereby your moods and emotions, and thereby your thoughts and ideas, quite dramatically.

And if you really want to “blow your mind and come to your senses” then after three or four deep breaths in through the nose with two separate essential oils, switch them over.

That’s a mind trip!

So that’s the basics of brain balancing (well, and having fun, having really interesting NEW experiences with your own body, mind, energy system, and aromatherapy essential oils!).

Now, it’s time to play!

Ooops, I meant seriously experiment, of course 🙂

See even if you only own 6 different aromatherapy essential oils, the permutations on sending two at the same time through the two different nostrils are quite something, and each combination produces a different result.

There are combinations which do really, really strange things to your head (and your energy system!) for example Angelica and Pine. It’s like your brain really has to start working and waking up, it’s amazed and is trying to figure out what on Earth is going on.

Whilst that is happening, of course you forget your daily troubles and strife, and after a few of these experiments you’ll find yourself well spaced out, deeply relaxed, and probably thinking some thoughts you’ve never had before!

Aromatherapy is such good fun, there are so many wonderful experiences you can have, and this brain balancing thing/getting both your “noses” to scent at full capacity and capability – well yes, and stirring up the ol’ neural pathways a bit whilst you’re at it 🙂 is just one example of how much fun you can have with “creative aromatherapy”.



Magic Aromatherapy Bottle 4 Black Sites

April 10, 2010

Let the Universe choose an essential oil for you today!

Click on the
Magic Bottle

We have added a small black magic bottle and a large animated bottle for black/dark websites upon request of Ariadne who said:

I love the magick bottle.
Is it possible for you to create one with a black background?
It would look better on my page as the background is black.
Thanks so much for your time and great site!

And thank you Ariadne for the good idea and I’m really pleased you like the magic bottle too 🙂

For more bottles for different types of blogs and websites, goto

… and click on the “get your own magic bottle” button underneath. There is a pop up window with html you can copy and paste straight into your website, block or html widget.

I often use the magic bottle to take a an anti-stress break and the stories, pictures and oils always cheer me up!

Cheap Aromatherapy? No, JUST Aromatherapy!

February 7, 2010

The other day, I got a link request from and went to check them out.

The site looked nice and inviting and I was short of some essentials so I decided to take the leap of faith and do another aromatherapy product/site review.

I ordered White Birch, Black Pepper, Sage and Clary Sage, some Lavender and other basic bits and bobs and some Rose Hydrolat.

The online shopping cart behaved itself very well (which is not something you can actually say for all online aromatherapy websites!) and PayPal was an option, which always makes me happy as I don’t have to scramble around for a credit card and type in all those numbers.

Within a matter of a couple of days, the delivery arrived; nice and quick, and I found in the parcel that I got a free very nice little wooden box that takes 12 aromatherapy essential oil 10ml or below bottles. Cute!

There is an offer on at the moment if you buy 8 bottles, you get the box, aha!

And let’s get my special hobby horse out of the way – YOU CAN READ THE LABELS! Eureka! Look!

Cheap Aromatherapy? Just Aromatherapy!

Cheap Aromatherapy? Just Aromatherapy!

Alright, now to the explanation as to the title of the post.

I know that a lot of folk who are new to aromatherapy look for “cheap aromatherapy”.

That’s one of those things, like a flying pig or a nice serial killer – it doesn’t go together.

  • For all things that are done well and produce with care, there is a price to pay, and if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. Aromatherapy essential oils are no exception.

There are loads of really bad websites online with really bad essential oils, I’ve encountered a few.

But there are also products which are straight down the line, without frills, and priced keenly – and that’s Just Aromatherapy for you.

The oils are fine – they are fresh, resonant, very nice, very suitable for all the purposes you would use aromatherapy essential oils for.

And they are very keenly priced indeed, with lots of special offers.

Now I know we all want aromatherapy oils that were made preferably from alien mysterious flowers that live on the top of the Himalayahs, lovingly squeezed between a virgin’s breasts and sung into a crystalline vial …

… and if you’ve got the cash to spend, then these kinds of essential oils are out there.

But we have the credit crunch. For many amongst us, money is not flowing as freely at the moment as it should; and I would certainly say that if that’s the case for you, don’t weep.

There are good, solid providers of good quality essential oils out there, not “cheap aromatherapy oils” in that sense but priced keenly, and they certainly offer a viable alternative.

I liked the oils from Just Aromatherapy very much; perfectly happy to recommend them. Not the place for super exotic oils, or the extremely expensive type, but an excellent online aromatherapy supplier for the staples we use every day, most of which are around the ÂŁ2.50 for 10ml mark (~ $5).


Aromatherapy In Hospital

February 2, 2010

Aromatherapy Inhalers - Perfect For Hospital Use

I was recently taken to hospital with an acute illness and then had to return later for an emergency operation.

This gave me some time to think about what aromatherapy essential oils I wanted to take to hospital with me, and how to handle the whole aromatherapy thing in hospital overall.

I use aromatherapy oils specifically to change my mood and mind state; to change my emotions and stabilise my energy system; to ward off evil and support the auto-immune functions of the energy system first of all and before all else.

So and although I do use aromatherapy based lotions and potions to rub upon myself, bathe in, and eat and drink as well, the primary use I have is to sniff the essential oils and take them into my neurology, and into my energy system.

When you are lying flat on your back in a hospital bed, you’re not in any position to start mixing essential oils or even handling essential oil bottles. So the ready made inhalers are just perfect; all you have to do is put them near your nose and all is well with the world.

I am also a smoker – it’s a shamanic thing 🙂 – so not being able to smoke in hospital is an extra stressor on my system, mind, body and spirit – which I really don’t need. Luckily, Sage essential oil is EXCELLENT with nicotin and also cocain addictions, about the only thing I’ve ever found that really soothes the cravings and answers the body’s call for the substance in a satisfactory manner.

So my first choice was a heavy duty Sage inhalator – I used a mixture of different kinds of Sage, hardcore organic, and including Sage Triloba, Lavender Sage, and Spanish Sage for this one. And how very welcome and stress relieving that was! Very grateful to my good friend Sage for being there and making me feel at ease, no worries about the lack of tobacco, soothed and balanced.

The next thing in hospital I felt I needed absolutely was full on, powerful support from Mother Nature. Now, all aromatherapy essential oils are mother nature support; but I was after that specific old green vibration that is deep and subtle, so incredibly needed in all forms of healing, and quite literally banished and absent from modern hospital treatments.

I have a specific resonance to Wild Tansy (see the article on the topic nearby) so I dedicated an entire inhaler just to that and oh! it was wonderful to have it there, especially in between treatments of a painful and mechanical nature, and during those treatments too.

I made another inhaler based around pine and linden, with a touch of oak moss; that’s really old, powerful, deep green healing that doesn’t judge you in any way and resonates with the deepest and oldest levels of mind, body and spirit.

For uplifting and concentrating my faculties as well as cheering me up, I brought Cardamon and Hyssop which are amongst my favourites, really uplifting; I added just a touch of Spike Lavender to that inhaler for a cleaning/protective function as a hospital special.

Which brings me round to the protection of Aromatherapy in Hospital.

There are bugs and cooties all over the place; physical ones but also a massive army of non-physical things swirling about, attracted by all this pain and suffering over all that time, concentrated in this one place; and you really want to keep those at bay, they’re about the last thing you need when you’re feeling down.

There’s nothing more profoundly anti-cootie than Pennyroyal in my opinion; so I just used that in an inhaler by itself. I kept this inhaler very close by and used it as a silent energy charm throughout, very comforting indeed.

And finally, I took one inhaler for the luxury and joy, the child within, remembering beauty, summertime and health in its most vibrant state – my StarFields mix which is essentially Jasmine, Lotus, Elemi,  and Lime. This is personal to me; most people have their own recipes for this kind of thing. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use this, but actually I did at some point, just after the operation, I think it might have had something to do with having survived the thing, and finding the joy of being alive again, which had been eroded, it is true.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have these magical potions to hand, to engage with them, to scent them, to feel their power of protection and uplifting. It kept me not just stress free but often even joyous and very light and well balanced throughout the whole testing time there, and yet again I am most thoroughly and whole heartedly grateful for the pure blessing that are the aromatherapy essential oils, each and every one a personal friend, protector, messenger of the Creative Order and then some.

God bless Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy & Meditation – Wild Tansy Spirit

December 6, 2009

Ever since I first got the Wild Tansy essential oil from Aubre at Shining Sun Aromatherapy, I’ve been simply in love with it. Having “female” health problems at the moment, the spirit of the wild woman who lives in the hedgerows and who knows nature, as nature knows her in all ways, is incredibly powerful and soothing, especially right now.

So and to help me really attune to those aspects of me which are that wild nature inside, I made a magic spirit doll to portray the spirit of Wild Tansy. This step is obviously optional, but for practitioners of energy magic by any other name, it is a powerful portal for PERSONAL relationships with nature spirits and primal forces, so I do.

I was in hospital for a while (the absolute antithesis of the vibrantly  alive, moist, stormy, powerful nature world Wild Tansy inhabits!) and on my return felt really low and miserable. Whenever I feel that way, I turn to meditation aka Project Sanctuary, and step into a healing habitat.

And so it was that Wild Tansy came to me most powerfully in the meditation, and she brought me herbs and honey, peat and all things green and wise, and let me rest and stay in her home to give me strength and renewal.

Wild Tansy Spirit

It was a most wonderful experience, more than I have words to describe, and triply so because I was in such need for exactly that kind of energy to bring me back to life.

Here is the moral of the story, and it is twofold.

Firstly, to me each aromatherapy essential oil is ALIVE and it HAS A SPIRIT.

This spirit can be communicated with in a very abstract way, but it can also be made real and into something that can come to you, and talk with you, and touch you, and bring you healing if you invite it in.

Whatever your favourite essentials are, you too can call upon their spirits and make this personal, HUMAN connection and gain so much from it.

The second reason for telling this story is that building these kinds of abilities and resources, like how to meditate, how to step into a magic garden inside, how to make it so that meditations become real and alive in every way, must be practiced BEFORE YOU GET ILL.

This holds the same for a teensy cold, to having been diagnosed with cancer.

Once you’re there and involved in the pains, fears and processes of illness, that’s the worst place to try and learn this skill that can literally save your life, if not your love and your hope and spirit of this incarnation. It’ll be a hundred times as hard.

So it is in the GOOD TIMES that we should start to make our way to the Sanctuaries that are so real, and can be so profoundly helpful, so we know where they are, the paths are well travelled, we are very experienced and when “the worst comes to the worst,” things like my Wild Tansy lady can come to us, come to our aid, and all we have to do is to lay back and enjoy it.

If you’re reading this and you’re not ill, and you’re not planning on ever becoming ill, NOW is the time to start learning how to meditate, and if you are here because you love aromatherapy essential oils as I do, then you’ll find it easy to do aromatherapy meditations that have the power to transform your life.

God bless Wild Tansy!

Eat Aromatherapy!

November 15, 2009

eat-aromatherapyI love Aromatherapy essential oils so much, sometimes I want to eat them.

Ingest them, make them a part of my physical structure.

So how do you get to eat aromatherapy?

Obviously, with so many different oils, suppliers, and all of that, it isn’t safe to just eat essential oils, or drink them.

So a simple and quite wonderful way to make “aromatherapy sweets” is as follows.

Make some basic sweets out of icing sugar – like the ones in the picture here. I used an egg white to make them fluffier, piped them out on a sheet and let them dry.

Now here comes the good bit.

Take a container of any kind, even an upturned glass dish will do, and place a piece of cloth or cotton wool with the essential oil/s of your choice into the container. Place the clean sweets in there as well but make sure they don’t touch or absorb any actual oils beyond being steeped in their scent.

Leave for a few hours and try one.

Amazing! Fabulous! I get to eat aromatherapy! Clary Sage, Angelica, Bay (hmmm …), Pine and so many other of my favourites.

If you know the “Magic Jelly Bean” pattern, you can do all sorts of energy magic with this as well.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and the “child within” had a great time too – which is always a very, very good thing.

Just one more in so many ways that aromatherapy essential oils can make you feel good, feel happy 🙂


Angelica Archangelica

August 31, 2009

Last year, whilst perusing a “architectural plant” catalogue, I came across an offer for an Angelica plant.

As I was and am completely in love – rapturously so – with the essential oils of Angelica Root and Angelica Seed, I purchased two and planted them in my garden.

angelica archangelica plant

Angelica is a bi-annual, meaning it does not do a lot in the first year, and in the second year it goes beserk and grows to over 6 foot high, producing huge tropical-forest type glossy dark green leaves, bamboo style stems and lovely seed pods. An Archangel in your garden indeed.

Angelica Archangelica Seed Heads

Angelica Archangelica Seed Heads

Then –  it just dies!

An Ex-Angelica Archangelica - Or is it just resting ...?

An Ex-Angelica Archangelica - Or is it just resting ...?

I got the whole plant out of the ground and took it inside to have a look and have a play.

The first thing that I loved about it was that every part of the plant smells exactly like the essential oils do.

The “angelicaness” of the plant is in every cell of it, and it makes handling it just wonderful.

I didn’t want to throw away a single little piece of it.

I was fascinated by the stems which were soft like sandalwood but has a tougher protective wooden membrane around it which makes it actually quite strong. The tubes would make fabulous flutes and shakers; the separations between the sections of stem can easily be breached so you can get a very big instrument out of the bottom stems of this large plant.

I cut one stem up and noted that these make wonderful burning devices.

The dry stem burns cleanly without flame and releases a sweet aroma. Of course, I couldn’t resist soaking a few in different aromatherapy essential oils to find out how they would burn (more on that topic later!) and the Angelica stems made for a perfect medium to do so.

Angelica Charm

Angelica Charm

The Angelica wood makes for a perfect little charm; I just curled a little copper wire through it, soaked it in some Angelica Seed essential oil and it smelled blissful and radiated with angelic energy 🙂

You can wear such a thing for a time over your heart and when you feel it’s done it’s thing, you can burn it and set it free, whatever it was.

A simple piece of magic, but lovely nonetheless; and of course, if you don’t have any Angelica wood handy, any type of wood including the easy-to-cut Sandalwood will do just fine.

I’ve also ended up with  a large jar full of seeds and some Angelica Root!

Angelica Archangelica Root

Angelica Archangelica Root

Angelica Root is known as the “female Ginseng” in China and is held in the highest esteem there; it is used for “women’s troubles” relating to menstruation and menopause and to help with problems of the heart and circulation.

As this is pretty much exactly what the witch doctor is ordering for me right now (just turned 50 and started to glow like a light bulb on various occasions!) I shall look forward to making a little brew a little later on when the root is all nice and dry.

Finally, the stem charm.

I’ve mentioned that the whole plant is completely imbued with the very essence of what an Angelica Archangelica *is* and all of it smells just so delicious, I could take my clothes off and roll around in it like a cat in catnip!

Angelica Sniffer Charm

Angelica Sniffer Charm

It occurred to me to make a wearable “sniffer” charm from a small section of the stem.

That’s as simple as cutting a piece from the stem carefully with scissors, and wrapping a bit of copper wire around it (a nice magician’s metal and appropriate for this occasion).

This gives you a lovely hollow tube to put to your nose quite safely and sniff the air through; now all you have to do is to roll up a little bit of kitchen towel, put it inside, and add a few drops of the two Angelica Archangelica oils – hey presto!

What a delightful charm, and wonderful to pick up every so often to have a big snifter that is an instant de-stressor as well as a real hit on the neurology!

I’m wearing it now and I love it, even though it’s “just” a bit of wood and wire, I’m fonder of this than of many a precious gold and bejewelled thing I own.

I love “wearing” my aromatherapy close to the heart.

So … and there we have it!

If you’d like to read about the “energetic, spiritual and emotional properties of Angelica (which was named because an Archangel appeared to a herbalist in a dream and told them that it was the cure they were seeking!) go here:

Aromatherapy 4 Sleep Recipe

August 16, 2009
Frankincense - The Phoenix

Frankincense - The Phoenix

There are lots of aromatherapy essential oils that can aid sleep, going to sleep, falling asleep or relaxing before going to sleep.

There are lots of different recipes in classic aromatherapy, but we do aroma energy here, which is working with the energy forms inherent in the essential oils rather than the chemicals. This has obviously effects when blending or combining an aromatherapy recipe, one of these being that it’s not about smelling nice, or having well rounded base, middle and top notes, but to get an energetic combination that acts on the energy system and gets the job done.

For specific tasks, such as making something that aids not just sleep, but having neat dreams, lucid dreams perhaps, and waking up with good ideas and lots of energy for my work as a researcher and artist, I often use one essential oil as a base and shift it across with the addition of others for the job in hand.

For this recipe for sleep aromatherapy, we start with a generous amount of Valerian. Valerian is well, well known for its mind relaxing qualities; if you really tune into it, it can give you a serious high which isn’t so much of a high, but rather a state of mind that is nearly tranquilised, stepped off to the side and far away from every day thought.

Phew …

The next ingredient in my favourite aromatherapy sleep recipe is Angelica Archangelica. That is a very, very hard hitting essential oil, worth every penny, extremely psychoactive and in this sleep mix it serves to wake you up, once you’ve stepped away into another dimension with the Valerian.

What I mean by this is that instead of a leaden, dead sleep, you get an awareness of sleep, being aware inside the sleep/dreamstate. This has nothing to do with lying in bed and your “day mind ” is going overactive, thinking about shopping and bills and gutters that need repairing and such; this is your dreaming mind waking up, or energy mind, as we like to call it, which is a big part of very satisfying sleep for me.

Take it easy on the Angelica because things can get weird if you overdose on it and you’re not too experienced with lucid dreaming, seriously; a drop or two is all you need or even want.

The third component for my favourite aromatherapy sleep mix is Frankincense. Frankincense has been used across the ages to “raise the vibrations” and lift you up to higher levels of awareness in meditation and religious ceremonies. Apart from that, it is also a good defender against astral bugs and negative thoughtfields, so that’s an important aspect and contribution. It also stabilises the extreme action of the Angelica so don’t forget your Frankincense 🙂

The recipe is as follows. Ten drops of Valerian to one, max. two drops of Angelica, and three, max five drops of Frankincense.

Breathe this in deeply as the very last thing before going to sleep; i.e. don’t do anything else after this, such as having sex or reading a book or watching TV because all of that can take a turn into the twilight zone on this recipe, as can the sleep that follows afterwards.

As you breathe it in, you can give yourself some post hypnotic suggestions as what you want to dream about, or how you want to sleep on this occasion, for example, “Sleep deeply, dream beautifully, arise refreshed …”

You can be more specific and request a healing dream, or an enlightening dream that you will remember clearly in the morning and such.

A dream diary by the bedside table can aid the process of learning how to dream beautifully when you glide in to land in waking awareness in the morning.

I keep this mix on a cloth in a glass jar by the side of my bed and if I wake up in the night, I might use it again. It lasts a long time and is one my favourite aromatherapy aroma energy things to do.

Sweet dreams!

The Aromatherapy Gallery

May 13, 2009

An important feature of Aromatherapy For Your Soul is the images that go with each essential oil.

I have long wanted to offer the option to choose by the energy from the image and to have all the pictures together on a page, linked to their individual pages where the essential oil is further described and where its energy story can be found.

The Aromatherapy Gallery

The Aromatherapy Gallery

This weekend I’ve treated myself to making the “aromatherapy gallery” page – see here. Very nice!

Aromatherapy US: Shining Sun

May 1, 2009
Aromatherapy US - Shining Sun Aromatherapy Samples

Aromatherapy US - Shining Sun Aromatherapy Samples

I received some aromatherapy samples from Shining Sun Aromatherapy’s Audre Gutierrez just before I left for the ET conference; and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them just as soon as I got back.

Well there is no other way to say it – I am BLOWN AWAY.

FABULOUS! aromatherapy oils these are, vibrant, lively, resonant – GORGEOUS!

Dare I say that these are, to date, the best aromatherapy essential oils I’ve sampled?

Yes, ok. I dare say!

The Pine essential oil was nothing short of a revelation. Seriously. I have many, many different kinds of pine in my cupboard and this one is just such a presence, such an experience, it’s like a whole new take on the very idea of pine.

The samples included a totally gorgeous Clary Sage and a really superb Lavender; the Siberian Pine left me breathless and you could completely TASTE it in your mouth as well as smell it, which is a rare thing!

The Rhododendrum was again, out-of-this-world-good. I like Rhododendrum essential oil a lot, and again, have a number of different types from different suppliers, but this one from Shining Sun was just STUNNING. There was a punch of green behind the basic idea of Rhododendrum that was immediately exciting, energizing, and simply delightful.

But as though wasn’t good enough yet, the best was still to come.

A new oil! I’ve never had Wild Tansy before and it INSTANTLY lit up my entire neurology, produced a story on the spot with brilliant brightness and I fell in love with it there and then.

I’ve got to include Wild Tansy in future editions of Aromatherapy For Your Soul – it’s amazing.

The story that came to me was of a young princess who had lost her child in childbirth. She was very, very sick – not just physically sick, but heart sick as well. Her younger brother hears of this and travels to visit her; when he walks into the sick room, everything is dark and stale, and physicians hover around the bed like so many vultures with their pale thin faces and long sharp noses.

The brother drives them out and hires a gypsy girl which has the scent of the hills and flowers in her hair, laughter in her voice and freedom in her step; she takes over the care of the princess, lets the sunlight back into the room, and with her loving care and the help of nature, herbs and flowers, the princess is saved and starts on the road to recovery at last.

So Wild Tansy, according to this story, is for people who are not just physically ill, but also and at the same time, heart sick and need that love and nurturing, bringing light into their lives AS WELL AS physical rehabilitation.

Wild Tansy is a fabulous essential oil, and I have no doubt that I was lucky enough to get a superior version on my first meaning through the sample that Audre sent.

What a wonderful experience!

So dear friends and readers looking for aromatherapy in the US, I am absolutely delighted to fully and wholeheartedly be able to recommend a US Aromatherapy supplier and true specialist at last – I’ve had so many people ask, but I didn’t know what to say to them. If you’re not from the US, trust me, the extra postage is worth the experience!

Go to and meet Audre and her passion for essential oils and aromatherapy.

Order something in the full trust that you’ll get something very special, above and beyond the ordinary run of the mill aromatherapy essential oils, something that’ll make your nose twitch, and your heart sing!

I’m off to sit in the garden now and commune some more with Wild Tansy … 🙂

And thank you Audre for sending me the samples – I’ve had a wonderful time with them, and I’ll be back for more!

Self Healing With AromaEnergy

April 10, 2009
Crystal Healing Energy

Crystal Healing Energy

Did you know that you can use Aromatherapy Essential Oils *inside* the bottle for energy healing just the same as you would use a crystal for energy healing?

Here is a great, easy, step by step introduction to self healing with the energy of essential oils in a very different and quite delightful way – try it for yourself!

Go to Aromatherapy Like Crystal Healing How To

Don’t Get Stuck In Your Aromatherapy Bottle!

March 16, 2009
Help! I'm stuck in a bottle ...

Help! I'm stuck in a bottle ...

It’s one of those things – we all develop habits, and get stuck in old grooves.

Especially when you’ve had a formative experience with a particular essential oil, what we call a “guiding star experience” – you fell in love with the smell, or what it did for you at the time, a mini-enlightenment experience, true and proper – you can get “stuck” on a certain aromatherapy oil.

This essential oil then becomes your favourite, and no matter what the problem, challenge, or whether it has anything to do with what your energy system might be needing at the time, this essential oil is what you turn to, over and over again.

This is a double edged sword.

On the one hand, yes, you DO experience emotional relief when you once again turn to your old favourite, because it rekindles a memory of that first time, that first enlightenment experience.

This breaks state and reminds you of better things in life; so as a safety anchor that is valuable.

HOWEVER – you knew that was coming, didn’t you … 🙂

At the same time, because of the powerful linkage between emotional/energetic states and the experience of the essential oil, it does also re-affirm THE PROBLEM you are trying to cure – over, and over again.

Does this sound like addiction?

Well, that’s the same structure and one of the basic problems with addictions of all kinds. They both alleviate AND re-affirm an existing problem, making a loop that becomes very habitual very easily, and also quite tricky to break.

Luckily, aromatherapy essential oils aren’t cocain and they are not inherently addictive; even oils like Sage which do affect the same receptors in the brain that nicotin and cocain affect as well do not create a permanent physical addiction.

  • We can greatly help ourselves and expand our fluency, aid our evolution and bring back flow into stuck problem systems by becoming MORE FLEXIBLE in which essential oils we use, and when.

This can be as simple as to STOP before you reach for the (Lavender, Lime, Tea Tree, Sage, Frankincense etc etc) YET AGAIN and to take a deep breath.

Ask yourself, “What do I REALLY need, right now?”

Think about something POSITIVE you want to DRAW INTO your life, right now, that would make you feel better, rather than thinking in terms of “wanting that pain to stop” which is the way Western medicine tends to go.

Think about it for a moment. WHAT would help here? Youth? Lightness? Old, deep green? Something medicinal, antiseptic? Try these ideas on in your mind and check with your body – can you feel a yearning? A sigh of relief when you propose a POSITIVE energy input? That’s the essential oil you want to go TOWARDS then – and it might NOT be the same one as always, and always, and every time before …

  • Every aromatherapy essential oil has energy forms that are essentially (!) nourishing to the energy system, bringing the power and the wonder of the plant kingdom which sustains all life on Earth.

Changing your prescription can be exactly what the nature doctor ordered to kick you out of repetitive grooves, lift you up, help you move FORWARDS and away from your problems – leading you and all your systems into the Even Flow, which is ever changing, and ever NEW.

Amber Essential Oil -> Amber Potion

February 28, 2009


There is a lot of controversy around amber “essential oil” because amber doesn’t work like a nice green herb, or a flower freshly picked from the field.

Millions of years old, or sometimes as young as 200 years (copal amber), Amber is already a resin before we start.

Amber readily dissolves in ether, alcohol and commercial solvents; it is then ready to be mixed with other things to become some form of amber liquid.

However, Amber doesn’t smell very much, especially not to folk whose noses are used to the onslaught of White Birch, Red Thyme or Wintergreen!

So what happens is that essential oils are added to the mix; some add Sandalwood, some Frankincese, I’ve heard of Vervain being used, and Vanilla seems to be another favourite.

Before you go and dismiss Amber “essential” oil, I would ask you to stop and consider the energetic qualities of amber.

  • Amber is a very powerful, a very magical substance with absolutely unique vibrations of comfort, support, and drawing away negativity. It is organic yet often incredibly old and hasn’t turned to stone or changed its nature in any way; that alone makes it quite unique, as far as substances are concerned.
  • In working with aromaenergy and the energetic influences of aromatherapy oils, amber has much to offer, be it in straight EmoTrance/energy work, magic spells and potions, or simply in a comforting, anti-evil massage.

    Before you shell out for “Amber Essential Oil” I would advise however to severely question the supplier to elicit what exactly is in their “Amber potion”, because that’s probably closer to the mark.

    It doesn’t matter much if they’ve added a dozen essential oils to make it smell “nicer” or if the carrier oil is sunflower or starflower; as long as the supplier can answer your question honestly, and there actually is SOME dissolved amber resin in the potion, you should have some fun with the amber potion and gain good benefits for mind, body and spirit from your amber oil.

    Wolf In Amber Story

    How to find the right aromatherapy oil for emotional problems

    February 25, 2009

    Yesterday, I met a young lady who told me that she been having emotional problems and someone suggested Clary Sage as the remedy.

    She said she didn’t like the smell of it and it made her nauseous, so she’s not used it at all since she bought the bottle and opened the lid for the first time.

    Now I could eat, drink, roll around in Clary Sage until the end of time, and it *is* a good remedy for *certain* emotional problems, but clearly wasn’t the right one for this young lady.

    So how do you find the right aromatherapy essential oil for YOUR specific emotional problems?

    Clary Sage

    Clary Sage

    Well I explained to her that I use a different way of explaining the effects of the oils.

    I don’t use therapy or psychology words such as stressed, depressed, anxious, fearful, paranoid, ADD or whatever.

    Instead, I tell a story.

    For example, the Clary Sage story is about a woman in rags and with her hair in tatters, running in her bare feet across a frozen winter field, and crows pecking at her head as she runs for her life …

    Someone comes and catches her in their arms, chases the crows away, puts a warm blanket around her, and takes her inside, where there is a cosy fire, and it is warm, and safe.

    So the woman is the description of the state of being, and the someone with the warm blanket is the action of the Clary Sage.

    I said to the young lady, “Now when you hear this, you can tell if that fits you – if that’s what you feel like.

    “There are many other ways in which to feel emotionally upset.

    “Instead of the crow woman, you could have someone sitting in a dark cave, covered in dust, in the darkness, dry, no light shines here, no movement, no sound …

    “And if someone feels like that, they will RECOGNISE THEMSELVES in one of the stories, and that’s the story that has the right essential oil for YOUR state of being, whatever that may be.”

    I’d never explained what Aromatherapy For Your Soul is actually doing with those stories to someone who has never heard of this before, and I was surprised how readily and easily the young lady understood exactly what I was trying to do, and saw the merit in it.

    The fact is that people are DESIGNED to learn and understand BY STORY, not by dry fact listings or artificial words that mean one thing to one person, and a totally different thing to another (one man’s depression is NEVER exactly the same as another man’s depression!).

    Stories are far more information dense than “just facts” because they include environment, emotion AND ACTION within them.

    Where “depression” or “madness” is this still thing, stuck in time, the woman being chased by the crows running across the winter fields, exhausting herself, hurting herself, being defenseless and terrified is MOVING, it is an unfolding state of affairs, as all stories are; and as the rescuer comes into the story, it BECOMES CHANGED and we understand how that happens.

    That’s the other amazing thing about story vs “fact” – people UNDERSTAND stories without having to go to University first for 8 years and read a mountain of “learned” books.

    A five year old can understand the story about the Clary Sage, and if they’re a bit switched on, could say, “That’s just like Auntie Kate!” if you asked them who that woman reminded them of.

    That’s the true magic of story as an information transmission device – we understand it, it makes sense, and we learn something from it.

    I bet that after reading this, you’ll always remember that crow woman and the Clary Sage that comes to the rescue, and if you ever met someone in THAT state, you could quite authoritatively tell them, “You need Clary Sage!”

    As for the young lady who didn’t feel that the Clary Sage “vibed” with her problems, she can now look through the pages of Aromatherapy For Your Soul, which are all free online at and find THE RIGHT aromatherapy oil FOR HER.

    Which is a very neat thing indeed, when all is said and done.

    Aromatherapy 4 Stress – A Guide For Beginners

    January 28, 2009

    You can read a useful introduction to which aromatherapy oil to use for stress and how to use it on What is particularly useful about this article is that it distinguishes between different states of stress which need different kinds of aromatherapy essential oils.

    Clary Sage

    Clary Sage

    For example, there’s the kind of essential oil that has the “slap around the head, wake up!” effect to snap a person out of stress. Which is very useful – but people who are already worn down by stress don’t need any more beatings, and they will do much better with something strong, and supportive, so they can recover from the ravages of stress. There is also spiritual and emotional stress which has their own essential oils.
    If you haven’t tried aromatherapy essential oils for or rather, against stress before, do give it a go. It’s amazing what they can do.
    Visit for the complete article and the choice of oils.

    An update: The latest version of this article can be found on

    Aromatherapy Morning Magic To Lift Depression & Raise The Spirits

    November 25, 2008
    Lift early morning depression with aromatherapy morning magic!

    Lift early morning depression with aromatherapy morning magic!

    Here’s a simple little tip that can make a GREAT deal of difference to the whole day – what I call aromatherapy morning magic, to counteract depression and set you up for a good morning and a good day.

    Simply, before you go to bed at night, put some fresh hot water and washing up liquid in your sink.

    Then add a mixture of aromatherapy essential oils that you wanted to be greeted by the next morning.

    I like to choose something refreshing, like Lime and Lemon, Lemongrass, sometimes Dill which is a great favourite of mine anyway, Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Marjoram, Sweet Thyme, that sort of thing.

    Turn out the lights, close the kitchen door and go to bed.

    Next morning, when you stumble into the kitchen, you’ll be walking into a room filled with fragrance and rich energy that has had all night to build up and it’s a very, very nice experience first thing, especially if you’re still a bit dreamy or hazy at that time.

    Try it! It really makes a difference to the start of the day and lifts your moods, brightens your spirits, especially in winter.

    ULTRANSMIT – My New Aromatherapy Diffuser

    October 20, 2008

    I went to the Manchester Mind, Body Spirit Festival (we were educating the general public about EmoTrance, which is in case you don’t know this yet, the newest and most userfriendly energy work modality on the planet today! Find out more and get a free intro book at!) and bought three things.

    A music CD, a Native American flute called The Raven – and an aromatherapy diffuser.

    Here it is:

    Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser

    When I first saw it, it made me laugh because I thought they were selling little volcanoes!

    Lots of what appears like smoke bellows from the top – and imagine my joy when I was told that was water vapour and you could put Aromatherapy Essential Oils into it as it was supposed to be a diffuser!

    I’ve been looking for something a little more practical than basically cooking little cauldrons full of water over a tea candle for a while. I have an iodizer with an aromatherapy diffusing plate as well but frankly, it sucks. Both just boil the oil to the hotplate eventually, leaving an unpleasant sticky mess you have to clean up again before you can use it, and neither throw enough scent nor water vapour around the room for my liking.

    So really, I was already sold – ÂŁ25 for the diffuser, that’s a lot less than many of my single 5ml bottles of essential oils, A LOT LESS! – before the lady behind the stand spotted me and started the sales talk.

    I was DELIGHTED to hear that this aromatherapy diffuser doesn’t work with heat at all, but instead with a vibrating plate that moves so fast, it breaks the water into vapour which then escapes rapidly, carrying with it the essential oil you’ve put inside.

    The Ultratransmit works with tap water and, joy of joys, turns itself off when the water level gets too low. At 12 Volts, it’s low in electricity costs and even has a couple of little lights so whilst it diffuses your Angelica and Valerian and brings extra moisture into your bedroom, it can also serve as a night light – lol.

    What a fabulous machine!

    The little volcano is putting out lots of wonderfully scented water vapour as we speak; I was in some need of what I call “The Big Trees” mix which involves Cedar (Strength) and Pine (Wisdom), Rosewood (Soul Love) and a little Australian Sandalwood (Peace) – you can tell I need some thing to help me recover from the weekend!

    I like it a lot and I can not just smell these scents perfectly but taste them too, which is a wonderful relief and relaxation.

    I hope it lasts, but I’m pretty sure if it breaks down, I’ll get another sonic diffuser rather than the heated version; undoubtedly it’s better for the purity of the essential oils, and in the end, my experience, which is what counts.

    Introducing – The AromaPod!

    October 11, 2008

    If you REALLY want to make aromatherapy WORK for you, you need to find a different way to get the scents and energies QUICKLY, right at that moment in time when you need it the most. There isn’t time to go rooting around for bottles in cupboards or digging around frantically in your handbag, especially in public. Sometimes, it’s difficult to have the right blend to hand, and even if you find it, unscrew it and then … what? Carefully sniff the bottle, making sure you don’t accidentally touch your nose to the oil because you know that this will cause irritation? It’s really neither practical nor userfriendly. So I have developed, tested, designed and created the AromaPod – the essential oil lover’s BEST FRIEND!

    Wear Your Essential Oils Pendant - The AromaPod by Dr Hartmann

    Wear Your Essential Oils Pendant - The AromaPod by Dr Hartmann

    Find out about The AromaPod, energy protection for the heart, sleeping with essentials and much more!

    Boots Aromatherapy – Clary Sage Review

    July 31, 2008
    Boots aromatherapy Clary Sage

    Boots aromatherapy Clary Sage

    I was in town the other day – a rare occurrence! – and walking through Boots the Chemist, I wondered if they had any aromatherapy essential oils.

    I looked around and found a “natural healing” section which contained some homeopathy items and at the end, I spotted the aromatherapy contributions.

    It wasn’t the greatest range in the world but there were at least some oils; the packaging is one of my personal hobby horses, as usual.

    See if you own a heap of aromatherapy oils which have to be stored IN THE DARK! which means AWAY from sunlight, in a cupboard or shelf that is lurking in the shadows, and you’ve got about 200 of them, it would REALLY HELP!!! (HELLO, AROMATHERAPY SALES & MARKETING PEOPLE!!!) if you could ACTUALLY READ THE GODDAMNED LABEL!!!

    In the image, do try and read the label, what this oil is. Not only is it teensy, it’s in orange on white! Sorry guys, I’m traumatized by spending ages with my nose pressed up against the cupboard trying to find the right oil in a moment of crisis and cursing the madness of the label designers …

    This outburst over, what’s the essential oil like?

    On previous occasions I’ve been less than impressed with chain store offerings in the aromatherapy department, but this time, I was very pleasantly surprised – so much so I NEARLY forgave the labelling.

    Nearly … naah …

    This Boots Clary Sage doesn’t state where it’s from, and it cost ÂŁ8.79 (~$17) for ten mil. That’s slightly above the average and there are certainly places where you can get organic Clary Sage for less, but it’s also certainly not the most expensive I’ve seen, so that was fair enough.

    But upon having wrestled the child proof cap open, I actually really liked the Clary Sage.

    It was very fresh – that’s always nice, and I guess that comes with lots of turnover of stock in a big, big shop like that, fragrant and very Clary Sage, if you know what I mean. It was a good oil with pleasant aspects, lifted by its freshness to a really good experience.

    I was getting ready to go on a diatribe about Boots “the CHEMIST” selling aromatherapy oils but now I won’t.

    In fact, in a moment of crisis, I shall certainly consider buying some more of their oils from the basic range of such things as Eucalyptus and Sandalwood.

    Well done Boots, and listen, guys – MAKE BETTER LABELS. PLEASE. Your product is well good enough to deserve to be found!

    Aromatherapy Menopause Tip For Overheating

    July 1, 2008

    Clary Sage - For Distraught Menopausal Women!

    Not everyone gets hot flushes, or flashes as the case may be, and how this plays out is highly personal. I get waves of feeling really hot, as though my skin is way too tight, and I’m going to burst any second. I also get weird sensations as though things are walking on me and what I can only describe as electric shocks and rivers of electricity running across my skin.

    As you can imagine, this is somewhat disturbing; and I’m convinced a lot of is directly from the energy body as it undergoes a major transformation.

    One day I came in from an outing, heart racing, really going quite mad with it all and I found in the fridge a big container of Clary Sage Floral Water.*

    * Floral waters or hydrosols are the water that is left over after the essential oil has been extracted; it is very resonant of that essence but is of course, water so you can use it in many different ways.

    Now Clary Sage is particularly kind and good for women in menopause as are all the sages; so I grabbed it, got some cotton wool pads, and started to apply the ice cold Clary Sage floral water to my person.

    Oh MY! What a fabulous experience!

    Instant relief, and I mean INSTANT relief. I started with my face and neck and worked my way through the most affected parts and literally within minutes, calm and a wonderful refreshed clarity had been restored.

    And I could really feel that this was both physical, certainly, the wonderful cooling and refreshing floral water directly on the skin; but also energetic, as I could really feel the energy tension drain away and be soothed most perfectly by the Clary Sage.

    So that’s it. Standing order for litres of Clary Sage hydrosol for the next couple of years!

    In general, you can put a bottle of cold water into your fridge and add perhaps a couple of drops of any oil of your choice for a wonderful and very holistic soothing of your person and your energy system if it runs too hot for whatever reason.

    A beautiful, uplifting experience!

    * I get my hydrosols from Norfolk Essential Oils – organic UK grown hydrosols at a really good price.

    * More about Clary Sage here

    Organic Bergamot – Worth it, or not?

    June 24, 2008

    Bergamot Aromatherapy Essential Oil

    For a product comparison, I ordered organic and well, not inorganic but generally farmed Bergamot essential oils from Oshadhi last week.

    Bergamot is not what I might call one of the most important oils in the world to me; and I’m not invested either way, but I was quite curious if I would be able to tell the difference – at least enough of a difference to justify the difference in price.

    I started with the organic Bergamot.

    And I must say, I was immediately surprised.

    Of course I’ve smelled Bergamot before, on many occasions, from many different suppliers, at that, but this one was extremely fragrant and rich.

    It had undertones and frequencies in it more normally associated with much more expensive oils, perfumed, fragrant notes reminiscent of the exotic richness of Jasmine, Elemi or Champaka.

    I found that really delightful and intriguing; and as I kept sniffing, the scents just kept on coming. It was like a procession of sensations and experiences that were reaching far out with many different levels and layers to it.

    Certainly not something I’ve ever experienced with Bergamot before!

    Still, and that was both perplexing as well as delightful, it was unmistakably Bergamot and couldn’t be anything else at the same time.

    This put me into a very good mood indeed and so I took a brief state breaker and then turned my attention to the “other” Bergamot.

    It was absolutely fascinating to note that although the top existence of Bergamot was there, sharply defined, clear and pleasant as it is, those extra fragrant notes, depth and richness was absent.

    The effect was that of something much more clinical, much more “down the line” and as expected, no surprises here, no flights of fancy into Arabian nights and walking under hallowed groves, with stars above.

    I thought that was really interesting.

    So I would say, if you’re a romantic like me, and you love essential oils and the exquisite things they DO to your mind, body and spirit, it is well, well worth the extra pennies to pick the organic version instead.

    If you’re just after “the chemical properties of”, aren’t really that interested in the finer points of aromatherapy or use bucket loads of it to keep the fleas of your pets or disinfect the stables with it, then the non-organic version will do the job, save you money and you should go for that instead.

    Or just buy both!

    Pennyroyal – A Great Clearer Of Disease Thoughtfields

    April 27, 2008

    Pennyroyal aromatherapy essential oil

    Pennyroyal is much maligned as being oh so dangerous – this is the same old story again about all the essential oils. It is no more dangerous than aspirin, which is sold freely over the counter, and in aroma energy work, we don’t take it internally nor do we even put it on our skin so that’s triply safe then.

    With that out of the way, Pennyroyal, a member of the mint family, has some exquisite and extraordinarily useful energetic effects and actions.

    It is extremely medicinal in a good sense – where Pennyroyal is, uncleanliness, disease thoughtfields and unhealthy attachments cannot be. Like matter and anti-matter, if you will. There is a HUGE component of psychosomatic responses to each and every illness known to mankind, physical or otherwise; placebo tests show this, and so do hypnotic phenomena whereby people all of a sudden get well for “no good reason” and others remain chronically ill or in physical and mental pain, also “for no good reason”.

    Ladies and gentlemen, to say that is so unscientific, it hurts!

    Of COURSE there is a good reason for these things, and a very good place to look around for these good reasons is in the energy system.

    Especially thoughtfields play a big part in directing the energy system to work for us, or against us; a great example are those doctors who tell people “you have only four weeks to live” and the patient, shocked, scared and completely HYPNOTIZED in that moment, drops dead four weeks later – leaving the doctor to think they were RIGHT, rather than thinking, “Shit, what I did I do with my stupid post hypnotic suggestion?!”

    Those are extreme cases but being hypnotized by thoughtfields relating to disease is much more common than that. I was for example told as a child that a cold “comes for three days, stays for three days, and goes for three days.” I manifested this exactly like that until I was 32, when I saw the light of day and now my colds take a different path altogether; mostly they are done with in a day or two.

    “You’ll get a stiff neck from sitting in a draught …” – “If you get cold, you get a cold …” – “If you drink coffee, you get a headache …” Our world is STUFFED FULL with bad post hypnotic suggestions, thoughtfields, which make diseases that really happen much worse, and can even create them out of blue nothing, like stigmata manifest in the palms of hysterical believers.

    And here we come to the good uses and fabulous services of Pennyroyal. It has the power to blow the cobwebs of such post hypnotic suggestions out of your energy field and replace them with thoughtfields of purity, of healing, of health, of cleanliness instead.

    This gives then the immune system a fighting chance to do it’s thing and bring this disease process to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

    Just put it on a cloth, carry it around with you, and any time you start “worrying” about your disease, take a few sniffs and let the power of this energetic disinfectant literally STOP you from making these diseased thoughtfields in the moment.

    Physical processes are this thing that we can only encourage; I am a firm believer that we shouldn’t make things worse if we can help it, and one leverage point we do have is what we think, and what we think about. Here, we can do our best to think “clean thoughts” – and Pennyroyal will help with that, absolutely.

    Aromatherapy – More Magic Than “Science”

    April 11, 2008

    little aromatherapy bottles

    I heard a report yesterday that 21% of the general aduult population had tried some form of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy draws people strongly towards it, being the most popular choice for alternative or complementary treatment and healing, but the amazing thing about this is that people have the LOWEST expectations of actually getting over their troubles with aromatherapy, as a study by Professor Suzanne McDonough of the University of Ulster shows.

    74% of respondents who had received acupuncture thought it was definitely or probably very helpful; the least confidence was shown in aromatherapy in that 17% said it was probably or definitely not helpful.

    What have we here?

    I would say that we have a POWERFUL MODALITY in POTENTIAL that is not being used as it should be used.

    I think people are drawn to essentials so magnetically because there is an innate sense, a hunger, for what they have to offer. And then it all goes wrong with the current treatment forms and the current practice of Aromatherapy “as taught by the local adult education college” and people end up disappointed and dissatisfied.

    I am absolutely convinced that GOOD aromatherapy practitioners would agree that aromatherapy is far more magical than it is chemical medicine from the Newtonian clockwork universe.

    That the results that come from working with the essences AND the client, how you do that, and what you are after to achieve, are highly dependend of the magic of the practitioner – their intuition, their reading of the client’s existing conditions, and matching the right frequency of essential to that.

    With the right practitioner, aromatherapy can create quite magical changes. But you really do need to look beyond the chemical properties of the essentials, big time. And you do need to understand that an essential oil based ointment is not a steroid cream, doesn’t work like that, mustn’t be prescribed or handled or delivered like that, doesn’t affect THE WHOLE PERSON like that, is essentially OTHER THAN “modern allopathic “””healing”””.

    With that many people from the general population being really interested and drawn to aromatherapy, there is every scope for creating whole new techniques and methods of USING essential oils in a very different ways than just sniffing and rubbing with little or no thought or intention, which will unlock the true magic of these amazing super-natural alchemical potions and will bring about changes that will not only make your head spin, but blow those kinds of statistics right out of the water.