Eat Aromatherapy!

eat-aromatherapyI love Aromatherapy essential oils so much, sometimes I want to eat them.

Ingest them, make them a part of my physical structure.

So how do you get to eat aromatherapy?

Obviously, with so many different oils, suppliers, and all of that, it isn’t safe to just eat essential oils, or drink them.

So a simple and quite wonderful way to make “aromatherapy sweets” is as follows.

Make some basic sweets out of icing sugar – like the ones in the picture here. I used an egg white to make them fluffier, piped them out on a sheet and let them dry.

Now here comes the good bit.

Take a container of any kind, even an upturned glass dish will do, and place a piece of cloth or cotton wool with the essential oil/s of your choice into the container. Place the clean sweets in there as well but make sure they don’t touch or absorb any actual oils beyond being steeped in their scent.

Leave for a few hours and try one.

Amazing! Fabulous! I get to eat aromatherapy! Clary Sage, Angelica, Bay (hmmm …), Pine and so many other of my favourites.

If you know the “Magic Jelly Bean” pattern, you can do all sorts of energy magic with this as well.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and the “child within” had a great time too – which is always a very, very good thing.

Just one more in so many ways that aromatherapy essential oils can make you feel good, feel happy 🙂




3 Responses to “Eat Aromatherapy!”

  1. olfactoryhues Says:

    I would just like to say that I drink essential oils all the time in tea, they are of course medicinal grade only, of the highest quality, 100% pure. For heartburn I use one drop of peppermint on the back of my hand and lick it! It is quite possibly the quickest cure there is. I also put 1-3 drops of Lemon in a glass of water, sometimes Peppermint and it is delicious. This is also totally safe as long as the oils are Medicinal Grade.

  2. aromatherapy4soul Says:

    Yes, you’re right of course, but I don’t want to give any advice that could cause problems. People buy oils from all sorts of places, and there are many oils that really should not be ingested. Just playing it safe and having a bit of good clean “vibrational” fun.

    • olfactoryhues Says:

      Very true, and I think that most of the essential oils that you can purchase at stores are of very poor quality! You really have to seek out pure oils. I guess I would just really like people to know the oils’ true potential and healing abilities.

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