Introducing – The AromaPod!

If you REALLY want to make aromatherapy WORK for you, you need to find a different way to get the scents and energies QUICKLY, right at that moment in time when you need it the most. There isn’t time to go rooting around for bottles in cupboards or digging around frantically in your handbag, especially in public. Sometimes, it’s difficult to have the right blend to hand, and even if you find it, unscrew it and then … what? Carefully sniff the bottle, making sure you don’t accidentally touch your nose to the oil because you know that this will cause irritation? It’s really neither practical nor userfriendly. So I have developed, tested, designed and created the AromaPod – the essential oil lover’s BEST FRIEND!

Wear Your Essential Oils Pendant - The AromaPod by Dr Hartmann

Wear Your Essential Oils Pendant - The AromaPod by Dr Hartmann

Find out about The AromaPod, energy protection for the heart, sleeping with essentials and much more!


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2 Responses to “Introducing – The AromaPod!”

  1. aromatherapy4soul Says:

    I took out the very AromaPod on the picture to the 5 day expedition that was the Manchester Mind, Body, Spirit convention. Dust dry halls and air conditioning in the hotel – yuck!

    I was SO GLAD I was wearing my AromaPod!

    5 hours drive in the car both ways, so many occasions where I needed a quick lift and a boost, I used it loads and was really happy not to have to fluff around with bottles and rags and all that jazz.

    Works great, is a great charm, and a great help for alleviating stress and keeping a cool and level head!

  2. nlpwithed Says:

    Sounds like a useful multi-modality anchor, useful!

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