Aromatherapy 4 Sleep Recipe

Frankincense - The Phoenix

Frankincense - The Phoenix

There are lots of aromatherapy essential oils that can aid sleep, going to sleep, falling asleep or relaxing before going to sleep.

There are lots of different recipes in classic aromatherapy, but we do aroma energy here, which is working with the energy forms inherent in the essential oils rather than the chemicals. This has obviously effects when blending or combining an aromatherapy recipe, one of these being that it’s not about smelling nice, or having well rounded base, middle and top notes, but to get an energetic combination that acts on the energy system and gets the job done.

For specific tasks, such as making something that aids not just sleep, but having neat dreams, lucid dreams perhaps, and waking up with good ideas and lots of energy for my work as a researcher and artist, I often use one essential oil as a base and shift it across with the addition of others for the job in hand.

For this recipe for sleep aromatherapy, we start with a generous amount of Valerian. Valerian is well, well known for its mind relaxing qualities; if you really tune into it, it can give you a serious high which isn’t so much of a high, but rather a state of mind that is nearly tranquilised, stepped off to the side and far away from every day thought.

Phew …

The next ingredient in my favourite aromatherapy sleep recipe is Angelica Archangelica. That is a very, very hard hitting essential oil, worth every penny, extremely psychoactive and in this sleep mix it serves to wake you up, once you’ve stepped away into another dimension with the Valerian.

What I mean by this is that instead of a leaden, dead sleep, you get an awareness of sleep, being aware inside the sleep/dreamstate. This has nothing to do with lying in bed and your “day mind ” is going overactive, thinking about shopping and bills and gutters that need repairing and such; this is your dreaming mind waking up, or energy mind, as we like to call it, which is a big part of very satisfying sleep for me.

Take it easy on the Angelica because things can get weird if you overdose on it and you’re not too experienced with lucid dreaming, seriously; a drop or two is all you need or even want.

The third component for my favourite aromatherapy sleep mix is Frankincense. Frankincense has been used across the ages to “raise the vibrations” and lift you up to higher levels of awareness in meditation and religious ceremonies. Apart from that, it is also a good defender against astral bugs and negative thoughtfields, so that’s an important aspect and contribution. It also stabilises the extreme action of the Angelica so don’t forget your Frankincense 🙂

The recipe is as follows. Ten drops of Valerian to one, max. two drops of Angelica, and three, max five drops of Frankincense.

Breathe this in deeply as the very last thing before going to sleep; i.e. don’t do anything else after this, such as having sex or reading a book or watching TV because all of that can take a turn into the twilight zone on this recipe, as can the sleep that follows afterwards.

As you breathe it in, you can give yourself some post hypnotic suggestions as what you want to dream about, or how you want to sleep on this occasion, for example, “Sleep deeply, dream beautifully, arise refreshed …”

You can be more specific and request a healing dream, or an enlightening dream that you will remember clearly in the morning and such.

A dream diary by the bedside table can aid the process of learning how to dream beautifully when you glide in to land in waking awareness in the morning.

I keep this mix on a cloth in a glass jar by the side of my bed and if I wake up in the night, I might use it again. It lasts a long time and is one my favourite aromatherapy aroma energy things to do.

Sweet dreams!


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4 Responses to “Aromatherapy 4 Sleep Recipe”

  1. Arman Says:

    don’t do anything else after this, such as having sex or reading a book or watching TV because all of that can take a turn into the twilight zone on this recipe

    I got to try that.

  2. Charma Says:

    I use Chamomile for my sleep potion but this is a lot more hardcore. Will give it a go. Love to see more recipes!

  3. Rosemary Says:

    […] Aromatherapy 4 Sleep Recipe « Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul […]
    Wow this is great, really powerful, I can feel it already doing strange lifting things to my energy and I haven’t even smelled it yet! Thanks for this!

  4. Using the Right Gel for Your Type of Hair Says:

    […] Aromatherapy 4 Sleep Recipe « Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul Share and Enjoy: […]

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