Pennyroyal – A Great Clearer Of Disease Thoughtfields

Pennyroyal aromatherapy essential oil

Pennyroyal is much maligned as being oh so dangerous – this is the same old story again about all the essential oils. It is no more dangerous than aspirin, which is sold freely over the counter, and in aroma energy work, we don’t take it internally nor do we even put it on our skin so that’s triply safe then.

With that out of the way, Pennyroyal, a member of the mint family, has some exquisite and extraordinarily useful energetic effects and actions.

It is extremely medicinal in a good sense – where Pennyroyal is, uncleanliness, disease thoughtfields and unhealthy attachments cannot be. Like matter and anti-matter, if you will. There is a HUGE component of psychosomatic responses to each and every illness known to mankind, physical or otherwise; placebo tests show this, and so do hypnotic phenomena whereby people all of a sudden get well for “no good reason” and others remain chronically ill or in physical and mental pain, also “for no good reason”.

Ladies and gentlemen, to say that is so unscientific, it hurts!

Of COURSE there is a good reason for these things, and a very good place to look around for these good reasons is in the energy system.

Especially thoughtfields play a big part in directing the energy system to work for us, or against us; a great example are those doctors who tell people “you have only four weeks to live” and the patient, shocked, scared and completely HYPNOTIZED in that moment, drops dead four weeks later – leaving the doctor to think they were RIGHT, rather than thinking, “Shit, what I did I do with my stupid post hypnotic suggestion?!”

Those are extreme cases but being hypnotized by thoughtfields relating to disease is much more common than that. I was for example told as a child that a cold “comes for three days, stays for three days, and goes for three days.” I manifested this exactly like that until I was 32, when I saw the light of day and now my colds take a different path altogether; mostly they are done with in a day or two.

“You’ll get a stiff neck from sitting in a draught …” – “If you get cold, you get a cold …” – “If you drink coffee, you get a headache …” Our world is STUFFED FULL with bad post hypnotic suggestions, thoughtfields, which make diseases that really happen much worse, and can even create them out of blue nothing, like stigmata manifest in the palms of hysterical believers.

And here we come to the good uses and fabulous services of Pennyroyal. It has the power to blow the cobwebs of such post hypnotic suggestions out of your energy field and replace them with thoughtfields of purity, of healing, of health, of cleanliness instead.

This gives then the immune system a fighting chance to do it’s thing and bring this disease process to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Just put it on a cloth, carry it around with you, and any time you start “worrying” about your disease, take a few sniffs and let the power of this energetic disinfectant literally STOP you from making these diseased thoughtfields in the moment.

Physical processes are this thing that we can only encourage; I am a firm believer that we shouldn’t make things worse if we can help it, and one leverage point we do have is what we think, and what we think about. Here, we can do our best to think “clean thoughts” – and Pennyroyal will help with that, absolutely.


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One Response to “Pennyroyal – A Great Clearer Of Disease Thoughtfields”

  1. aromatherapy4soul Says:

    I was told the other day that a lady went on holiday with her husband who got ill. She got the pennyroyal out and this helped her shield herself from the husband’s sickness, especially in mind and in the emotional/energetic sense. She said it helped her loads.

    So this is a good addendum to this article: Dont just remember Pennyroyal when you are sick or afraid of being sick, but around sick people as well to keep yourself safe and clear up any negative thoughtfields you might have inadvertantly absorbed.

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