Organic Bergamot – Worth it, or not?

Bergamot Aromatherapy Essential Oil

For a product comparison, I ordered organic and well, not inorganic but generally farmed Bergamot essential oils from Oshadhi last week.

Bergamot is not what I might call one of the most important oils in the world to me; and I’m not invested either way, but I was quite curious if I would be able to tell the difference – at least enough of a difference to justify the difference in price.

I started with the organic Bergamot.

And I must say, I was immediately surprised.

Of course I’ve smelled Bergamot before, on many occasions, from many different suppliers, at that, but this one was extremely fragrant and rich.

It had undertones and frequencies in it more normally associated with much more expensive oils, perfumed, fragrant notes reminiscent of the exotic richness of Jasmine, Elemi or Champaka.

I found that really delightful and intriguing; and as I kept sniffing, the scents just kept on coming. It was like a procession of sensations and experiences that were reaching far out with many different levels and layers to it.

Certainly not something I’ve ever experienced with Bergamot before!

Still, and that was both perplexing as well as delightful, it was unmistakably Bergamot and couldn’t be anything else at the same time.

This put me into a very good mood indeed and so I took a brief state breaker and then turned my attention to the “other” Bergamot.

It was absolutely fascinating to note that although the top existence of Bergamot was there, sharply defined, clear and pleasant as it is, those extra fragrant notes, depth and richness was absent.

The effect was that of something much more clinical, much more “down the line” and as expected, no surprises here, no flights of fancy into Arabian nights and walking under hallowed groves, with stars above.

I thought that was really interesting.

So I would say, if you’re a romantic like me, and you love essential oils and the exquisite things they DO to your mind, body and spirit, it is well, well worth the extra pennies to pick the organic version instead.

If you’re just after “the chemical properties of”, aren’t really that interested in the finer points of aromatherapy or use bucket loads of it to keep the fleas of your pets or disinfect the stables with it, then the non-organic version will do the job, save you money and you should go for that instead.

Or just buy both!


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