Aromatherapy US: Shining Sun

Aromatherapy US - Shining Sun Aromatherapy Samples

Aromatherapy US - Shining Sun Aromatherapy Samples

I received some aromatherapy samples from Shining Sun Aromatherapy’s Audre Gutierrez just before I left for the ET conference; and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them just as soon as I got back.

Well there is no other way to say it – I am BLOWN AWAY.

FABULOUS! aromatherapy oils these are, vibrant, lively, resonant – GORGEOUS!

Dare I say that these are, to date, the best aromatherapy essential oils I’ve sampled?

Yes, ok. I dare say!

The Pine essential oil was nothing short of a revelation. Seriously. I have many, many different kinds of pine in my cupboard and this one is just such a presence, such an experience, it’s like a whole new take on the very idea of pine.

The samples included a totally gorgeous Clary Sage and a really superb Lavender; the Siberian Pine left me breathless and you could completely TASTE it in your mouth as well as smell it, which is a rare thing!

The Rhododendrum was again, out-of-this-world-good. I like Rhododendrum essential oil a lot, and again, have a number of different types from different suppliers, but this one from Shining Sun was just STUNNING. There was a punch of green behind the basic idea of Rhododendrum that was immediately exciting, energizing, and simply delightful.

But as though wasn’t good enough yet, the best was still to come.

A new oil! I’ve never had Wild Tansy before and it INSTANTLY lit up my entire neurology, produced a story on the spot with brilliant brightness and I fell in love with it there and then.

I’ve got to include Wild Tansy in future editions of Aromatherapy For Your Soul – it’s amazing.

The story that came to me was of a young princess who had lost her child in childbirth. She was very, very sick – not just physically sick, but heart sick as well. Her younger brother hears of this and travels to visit her; when he walks into the sick room, everything is dark and stale, and physicians hover around the bed like so many vultures with their pale thin faces and long sharp noses.

The brother drives them out and hires a gypsy girl which has the scent of the hills and flowers in her hair, laughter in her voice and freedom in her step; she takes over the care of the princess, lets the sunlight back into the room, and with her loving care and the help of nature, herbs and flowers, the princess is saved and starts on the road to recovery at last.

So Wild Tansy, according to this story, is for people who are not just physically ill, but also and at the same time, heart sick and need that love and nurturing, bringing light into their lives AS WELL AS physical rehabilitation.

Wild Tansy is a fabulous essential oil, and I have no doubt that I was lucky enough to get a superior version on my first meaning through the sample that Audre sent.

What a wonderful experience!

So dear friends and readers looking for aromatherapy in the US, I am absolutely delighted to fully and wholeheartedly be able to recommend a US Aromatherapy supplier and true specialist at last – I’ve had so many people ask, but I didn’t know what to say to them. If you’re not from the US, trust me, the extra postage is worth the experience!

Go to and meet Audre and her passion for essential oils and aromatherapy.

Order something in the full trust that you’ll get something very special, above and beyond the ordinary run of the mill aromatherapy essential oils, something that’ll make your nose twitch, and your heart sing!

I’m off to sit in the garden now and commune some more with Wild Tansy … 🙂

And thank you Audre for sending me the samples – I’ve had a wonderful time with them, and I’ll be back for more!


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One Response to “Aromatherapy US: Shining Sun”

  1. Sandra Says:

    That has been very helpful, thank you, been looking for something special and this sounds just right!

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