Aromatherapy Menopause Tip For Overheating

Clary Sage - For Distraught Menopausal Women!

Not everyone gets hot flushes, or flashes as the case may be, and how this plays out is highly personal. I get waves of feeling really hot, as though my skin is way too tight, and I’m going to burst any second. I also get weird sensations as though things are walking on me and what I can only describe as electric shocks and rivers of electricity running across my skin.

As you can imagine, this is somewhat disturbing; and I’m convinced a lot of is directly from the energy body as it undergoes a major transformation.

One day I came in from an outing, heart racing, really going quite mad with it all and I found in the fridge a big container of Clary Sage Floral Water.*

* Floral waters or hydrosols are the water that is left over after the essential oil has been extracted; it is very resonant of that essence but is of course, water so you can use it in many different ways.

Now Clary Sage is particularly kind and good for women in menopause as are all the sages; so I grabbed it, got some cotton wool pads, and started to apply the ice cold Clary Sage floral water to my person.

Oh MY! What a fabulous experience!

Instant relief, and I mean INSTANT relief. I started with my face and neck and worked my way through the most affected parts and literally within minutes, calm and a wonderful refreshed clarity had been restored.

And I could really feel that this was both physical, certainly, the wonderful cooling and refreshing floral water directly on the skin; but also energetic, as I could really feel the energy tension drain away and be soothed most perfectly by the Clary Sage.

So that’s it. Standing order for litres of Clary Sage hydrosol for the next couple of years!

In general, you can put a bottle of cold water into your fridge and add perhaps a couple of drops of any oil of your choice for a wonderful and very holistic soothing of your person and your energy system if it runs too hot for whatever reason.

A beautiful, uplifting experience!

* I get my hydrosols from Norfolk Essential Oils – organic UK grown hydrosols at a really good price.

* More about Clary Sage here


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