Don’t Get Stuck In Your Aromatherapy Bottle!

Help! I'm stuck in a bottle ...

Help! I'm stuck in a bottle ...

It’s one of those things – we all develop habits, and get stuck in old grooves.

Especially when you’ve had a formative experience with a particular essential oil, what we call a “guiding star experience” – you fell in love with the smell, or what it did for you at the time, a mini-enlightenment experience, true and proper – you can get “stuck” on a certain aromatherapy oil.

This essential oil then becomes your favourite, and no matter what the problem, challenge, or whether it has anything to do with what your energy system might be needing at the time, this essential oil is what you turn to, over and over again.

This is a double edged sword.

On the one hand, yes, you DO experience emotional relief when you once again turn to your old favourite, because it rekindles a memory of that first time, that first enlightenment experience.

This breaks state and reminds you of better things in life; so as a safety anchor that is valuable.

HOWEVER – you knew that was coming, didn’t you … 🙂

At the same time, because of the powerful linkage between emotional/energetic states and the experience of the essential oil, it does also re-affirm THE PROBLEM you are trying to cure – over, and over again.

Does this sound like addiction?

Well, that’s the same structure and one of the basic problems with addictions of all kinds. They both alleviate AND re-affirm an existing problem, making a loop that becomes very habitual very easily, and also quite tricky to break.

Luckily, aromatherapy essential oils aren’t cocain and they are not inherently addictive; even oils like Sage which do affect the same receptors in the brain that nicotin and cocain affect as well do not create a permanent physical addiction.

  • We can greatly help ourselves and expand our fluency, aid our evolution and bring back flow into stuck problem systems by becoming MORE FLEXIBLE in which essential oils we use, and when.

This can be as simple as to STOP before you reach for the (Lavender, Lime, Tea Tree, Sage, Frankincense etc etc) YET AGAIN and to take a deep breath.

Ask yourself, “What do I REALLY need, right now?”

Think about something POSITIVE you want to DRAW INTO your life, right now, that would make you feel better, rather than thinking in terms of “wanting that pain to stop” which is the way Western medicine tends to go.

Think about it for a moment. WHAT would help here? Youth? Lightness? Old, deep green? Something medicinal, antiseptic? Try these ideas on in your mind and check with your body – can you feel a yearning? A sigh of relief when you propose a POSITIVE energy input? That’s the essential oil you want to go TOWARDS then – and it might NOT be the same one as always, and always, and every time before …

  • Every aromatherapy essential oil has energy forms that are essentially (!) nourishing to the energy system, bringing the power and the wonder of the plant kingdom which sustains all life on Earth.

Changing your prescription can be exactly what the nature doctor ordered to kick you out of repetitive grooves, lift you up, help you move FORWARDS and away from your problems – leading you and all your systems into the Even Flow, which is ever changing, and ever NEW.


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One Response to “Don’t Get Stuck In Your Aromatherapy Bottle!”

  1. audregutierrez Says:

    I found this post very interesting!! I, too, sometimes get “stuck” using my favorite essences over and over again. While I haven’t considered it an addiction, or have not seen them re-affirming (probably because I am not using them for a “problem”…I am using them more for the purpose of connecting to Mother Earth/the Natural World), I can see how this could occur. I am reminded of the discussion in “What the Bleep” of how our neurons literally get in a rut of the same emotional reaction unless we can break that pattern by new behaviors to old stimuli.

    What I have considered, however, is the importance of biodiversity…that using different essences is an excellent practice because of the diverse chemistries they introduce to our bodies. This is very important, especially in these times, as many people have much less diverse food inputs than our ancestors did. Diversity builds a more robust immune system and introduces complexity into our systems, which is a good thing!

    Thank you for the very thought-provoking discussion of the human tendency for habit…and how, in the case of essential oils…this can work against our health and growth!

    Audre Gutierrez

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