Angelica Archangelica

Last year, whilst perusing a “architectural plant” catalogue, I came across an offer for an Angelica plant.

As I was and am completely in love – rapturously so – with the essential oils of Angelica Root and Angelica Seed, I purchased two and planted them in my garden.

angelica archangelica plant

Angelica is a bi-annual, meaning it does not do a lot in the first year, and in the second year it goes beserk and grows to over 6 foot high, producing huge tropical-forest type glossy dark green leaves, bamboo style stems and lovely seed pods. An Archangel in your garden indeed.

Angelica Archangelica Seed Heads

Angelica Archangelica Seed Heads

Then –  it just dies!

An Ex-Angelica Archangelica - Or is it just resting ...?

An Ex-Angelica Archangelica - Or is it just resting ...?

I got the whole plant out of the ground and took it inside to have a look and have a play.

The first thing that I loved about it was that every part of the plant smells exactly like the essential oils do.

The “angelicaness” of the plant is in every cell of it, and it makes handling it just wonderful.

I didn’t want to throw away a single little piece of it.

I was fascinated by the stems which were soft like sandalwood but has a tougher protective wooden membrane around it which makes it actually quite strong. The tubes would make fabulous flutes and shakers; the separations between the sections of stem can easily be breached so you can get a very big instrument out of the bottom stems of this large plant.

I cut one stem up and noted that these make wonderful burning devices.

The dry stem burns cleanly without flame and releases a sweet aroma. Of course, I couldn’t resist soaking a few in different aromatherapy essential oils to find out how they would burn (more on that topic later!) and the Angelica stems made for a perfect medium to do so.

Angelica Charm

Angelica Charm

The Angelica wood makes for a perfect little charm; I just curled a little copper wire through it, soaked it in some Angelica Seed essential oil and it smelled blissful and radiated with angelic energy 🙂

You can wear such a thing for a time over your heart and when you feel it’s done it’s thing, you can burn it and set it free, whatever it was.

A simple piece of magic, but lovely nonetheless; and of course, if you don’t have any Angelica wood handy, any type of wood including the easy-to-cut Sandalwood will do just fine.

I’ve also ended up with  a large jar full of seeds and some Angelica Root!

Angelica Archangelica Root

Angelica Archangelica Root

Angelica Root is known as the “female Ginseng” in China and is held in the highest esteem there; it is used for “women’s troubles” relating to menstruation and menopause and to help with problems of the heart and circulation.

As this is pretty much exactly what the witch doctor is ordering for me right now (just turned 50 and started to glow like a light bulb on various occasions!) I shall look forward to making a little brew a little later on when the root is all nice and dry.

Finally, the stem charm.

I’ve mentioned that the whole plant is completely imbued with the very essence of what an Angelica Archangelica *is* and all of it smells just so delicious, I could take my clothes off and roll around in it like a cat in catnip!

Angelica Sniffer Charm

Angelica Sniffer Charm

It occurred to me to make a wearable “sniffer” charm from a small section of the stem.

That’s as simple as cutting a piece from the stem carefully with scissors, and wrapping a bit of copper wire around it (a nice magician’s metal and appropriate for this occasion).

This gives you a lovely hollow tube to put to your nose quite safely and sniff the air through; now all you have to do is to roll up a little bit of kitchen towel, put it inside, and add a few drops of the two Angelica Archangelica oils – hey presto!

What a delightful charm, and wonderful to pick up every so often to have a big snifter that is an instant de-stressor as well as a real hit on the neurology!

I’m wearing it now and I love it, even though it’s “just” a bit of wood and wire, I’m fonder of this than of many a precious gold and bejewelled thing I own.

I love “wearing” my aromatherapy close to the heart.

So … and there we have it!

If you’d like to read about the “energetic, spiritual and emotional properties of Angelica (which was named because an Archangel appeared to a herbalist in a dream and told them that it was the cure they were seeking!) go here:


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  1. olfactoryhues Says:

    Are you still blogging? I just discovered you and love this so please keep going…
    Many Thanks, Lindsey

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