Boots Aromatherapy – Clary Sage Review

Boots aromatherapy Clary Sage

Boots aromatherapy Clary Sage

I was in town the other day – a rare occurrence! – and walking through Boots the Chemist, I wondered if they had any aromatherapy essential oils.

I looked around and found a “natural healing” section which contained some homeopathy items and at the end, I spotted the aromatherapy contributions.

It wasn’t the greatest range in the world but there were at least some oils; the packaging is one of my personal hobby horses, as usual.

See if you own a heap of aromatherapy oils which have to be stored IN THE DARK! which means AWAY from sunlight, in a cupboard or shelf that is lurking in the shadows, and you’ve got about 200 of them, it would REALLY HELP!!! (HELLO, AROMATHERAPY SALES & MARKETING PEOPLE!!!) if you could ACTUALLY READ THE GODDAMNED LABEL!!!

In the image, do try and read the label, what this oil is. Not only is it teensy, it’s in orange on white! Sorry guys, I’m traumatized by spending ages with my nose pressed up against the cupboard trying to find the right oil in a moment of crisis and cursing the madness of the label designers …

This outburst over, what’s the essential oil like?

On previous occasions I’ve been less than impressed with chain store offerings in the aromatherapy department, but this time, I was very pleasantly surprised – so much so I NEARLY forgave the labelling.

Nearly … naah …

This Boots Clary Sage doesn’t state where it’s from, and it cost £8.79 (~$17) for ten mil. That’s slightly above the average and there are certainly places where you can get organic Clary Sage for less, but it’s also certainly not the most expensive I’ve seen, so that was fair enough.

But upon having wrestled the child proof cap open, I actually really liked the Clary Sage.

It was very fresh – that’s always nice, and I guess that comes with lots of turnover of stock in a big, big shop like that, fragrant and very Clary Sage, if you know what I mean. It was a good oil with pleasant aspects, lifted by its freshness to a really good experience.

I was getting ready to go on a diatribe about Boots “the CHEMIST” selling aromatherapy oils but now I won’t.

In fact, in a moment of crisis, I shall certainly consider buying some more of their oils from the basic range of such things as Eucalyptus and Sandalwood.

Well done Boots, and listen, guys – MAKE BETTER LABELS. PLEASE. Your product is well good enough to deserve to be found!


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