ULTRANSMIT – My New Aromatherapy Diffuser

I went to the Manchester Mind, Body Spirit Festival (we were educating the general public about EmoTrance, which is in case you don’t know this yet, the newest and most userfriendly energy work modality on the planet today! Find out more and get a free intro book at http://EmoTrance.com!) and bought three things.

A music CD, a Native American flute called The Raven – and an aromatherapy diffuser.

Here it is:

Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser

Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser

When I first saw it, it made me laugh because I thought they were selling little volcanoes!

Lots of what appears like smoke bellows from the top – and imagine my joy when I was told that was water vapour and you could put Aromatherapy Essential Oils into it as it was supposed to be a diffuser!

I’ve been looking for something a little more practical than basically cooking little cauldrons full of water over a tea candle for a while. I have an iodizer with an aromatherapy diffusing plate as well but frankly, it sucks. Both just boil the oil to the hotplate eventually, leaving an unpleasant sticky mess you have to clean up again before you can use it, and neither throw enough scent nor water vapour around the room for my liking.

So really, I was already sold – £25 for the diffuser, that’s a lot less than many of my single 5ml bottles of essential oils, A LOT LESS! – before the lady behind the stand spotted me and started the sales talk.

I was DELIGHTED to hear that this aromatherapy diffuser doesn’t work with heat at all, but instead with a vibrating plate that moves so fast, it breaks the water into vapour which then escapes rapidly, carrying with it the essential oil you’ve put inside.

The Ultratransmit works with tap water and, joy of joys, turns itself off when the water level gets too low. At 12 Volts, it’s low in electricity costs and even has a couple of little lights so whilst it diffuses your Angelica and Valerian and brings extra moisture into your bedroom, it can also serve as a night light – lol.

What a fabulous machine!

The little volcano is putting out lots of wonderfully scented water vapour as we speak; I was in some need of what I call “The Big Trees” mix which involves Cedar (Strength) and Pine (Wisdom), Rosewood (Soul Love) and a little Australian Sandalwood (Peace) – you can tell I need some thing to help me recover from the weekend!

I like it a lot and I can not just smell these scents perfectly but taste them too, which is a wonderful relief and relaxation.

I hope it lasts, but I’m pretty sure if it breaks down, I’ll get another sonic diffuser rather than the heated version; undoubtedly it’s better for the purity of the essential oils, and in the end, my experience, which is what counts.



One Response to “ULTRANSMIT – My New Aromatherapy Diffuser”

  1. aromatherapy4soul Says:

    I’ve had this great diffuser for about a month now. My house is double glazed and VERY dry in the winter when it is too cold to open the windows. So this is doubly nice and recently when I was resting for a while I was particularly happy to have it around. I keep a collection of essential oils and a bottle of water nearby so I can recharge it when it runs out; usually about 4-6 hours which is also good. It turns itself off when empty which is soothing when you’re going to sleep on the couch! Fingers crossed it will last through the heavy use I’m giving it … 🙂

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