Please Call Me Artemisia …

Artemisia Absinthium, Wormwood Essential Oil

What’s in a name?

Lots … everything, even. When someone calls their new puppy “Satan”, how do you think it’s going to grow up? If you look at it over ten years, how is the dog called “Satan” going to beCOME so very different from exactly the same dog, but it was called “Fluffy” instead?

So, there is this essential oil and it’s really neat. It is instantly compelling, smells fascinating, green, alive, very powerful. It has this wonderful uplifting action and banishes the gremlins and the blues. It comes from a plant that was given to Chieron by Diana who told him that it would heal him of all ills. And it’s name is Artemisia, dedicated to the Goddess Artemis, who is the keeper and protector of all wild things, of nature, and of women.

Are you getting excited yet?

Do you want to buy this essential oil Artemisia?

Do you want to to try it, smell it, interact with this energy?

I’m guessing, yes.

You are interested, open and receptive.

But what if I told you that this self same essential oil is called …

… drumroll please! …






It’s so dangerous that only the few even stock it!!!

See what I mean about “what’s in a name” …

Let’s be reasonable now.

Artemisia Essential Oil comes from a plant that has so many beneficial and natural aspects to it, it was venerated by the greatest healers of the ages. With all the many plants to choose from, to give this one the name of the Goddess Artemis, that’s really a grand recommendation.

Artemisia plants have many unusual properties; one of those is a cocktail of many interactive components that get rid of worm infestations! In the essential oil, of course all the components are HIGHLY concentrated; that is so for all essential oils and why its just not a good idea to drink them in quantity!

For many, Artemisia’s greatest claim to fame is Absinthe. Folk are so enthusiastic about it, they’ve formed a Wormwood Society for disseminating information about the delights of drinking Absinthe, which is a mixture of Artemisia and other herbs delivered in alcohol and water.

Apparently, the drinking of Absinthe gives mental clarity and helps with artistic endeavours. I’d say sniffing the essential will do better than that, especially when combined with a spot of EmoTrance.

Indeed, the very name “wormwood” is thought to be a derivation of the Germanic “wermut” which some think may mean to defend the mind, and others think it is to defend the mother – either way, sounds a lot more palatable, doesn’t it.

So the moral of the tail? (The old wive’s tails – long, and scaley thought hey may be …!)

Artemisia Absinthium and Artemisia Afra essential oils (previously known as wormwood) are very powerful energetic devices that can do a lot for you in aroma energy work. Don’t drink them, don’t brush your teeth with them, and work with their scent and energy. Without fear and with expectation that they will drive out parasites and help the mind – or the mother …


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