What Is The Price Per Drop Of Essential Oils?

One Drop Of Precious Essential Oil …

I strongly advise when working with aroma energy to NOT count the pennies. To the uninitiated it seems that some oils are very expensive, but you know, compared to what or whom?

What does a single session with a psychologist in New York cost these days? $100? $200?

A small bottle of Britney Spears perfume? $100?

And how much fun do you get from 25 applications of one drop of even the very most expensive of oils?

So this isn’t about saving money or making one oil more “precious” than another; it’s just a little exercise to compare prices as the different sizes and dilutions in which essential oils are sold make it quite difficult to get a real grasp of what costs what.

How Many Drops Are In A Milliliter?

0.05ml = 1 drop

1 ml = 20 drops
5 ml = 100 drops
10ml = 200 drops

This is approximate as one man’s drop is not necessarily another man’s drop but it’s a guideline.

I’ve taken some current prices from a midrange supplier; these are all the basic versions, so not the “doubly organic hand picked sun blessed sang to sleep at night” higher price specialist essential oils.

I’ve worked out how many ml, how many drops, and divided the price by this to arrive at a measurement unit for costing aromatherapy essential oils, “penny per drop” or ppd.

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