Getting High On Salvia …

Salvia Divinorum

It’s funny how the world works …

I love Sage essential oil. I LOVE it. I roll around in it like a cat in catnip and make sage tea. All sorts!

Yesterday, I phoned Jonathan Hinde from Oshadhi UK and ordered some replacements. When it came to Sage, he said, “Which one?

“Spanish Sage? Wild Sage? Triloba?”

I said, “Send ‘em all. I’ll have a Sage party!”

The packet arrived the very next day and I did have my Sage party. What a trip! The three Sages were very distinct and it was as always incredibly interesting what they were doing to me and my energy system, my thoughts, my head, my state.

Gorgeous …

So today I thought, let’s have a look what other kinds of Salvias there are out there.

I started to search the three – Salvia Lavendulifolia, Spanish Sage; Salvia Officinalis, Wild Sage; and Salvia Triloba, also known as Sage Triloba.

As soon as I put in the word “Salvia”, the search engine exploded with references to Salvia Divinorum, of which, I admit, I hadn’t heard a thing.

But Divinorum sounds good!

Turns out it grows mostly in Mexico and if you smoke it, you have out of body experiences.

And that it was used to predict the future by shamans.

Cool …

Where is the essential oil of Salvia Divinorum?

Of course, it’s nowhere to be found as a gram of the ground plant goes for $25 or thereabouts to the happy smokers who are looking for a pot alternative. Drat. And the US legislators got their knickers in a twist over it to the degree that it’s illegal now in dozens of states …

Illegal plants. Somehow that doesn’t jive with me at all.

But still. A Salvia by any other name is still a Salvia.

I concur with the shamans of old that all Salvias strongly affect the psychic circuitry; I certainly swoop like an eagle on a bit of Sage, whatever the variety.

Let’s not get too wound up about smoking the plant. Practise your energy awareness every day and you can get high as a kite on some plain, simple Sage – a drop on a handkerchief will do. If you have some Project Sanctuary experience, you can direct your vision quest anywhichway you want and remain in total control, using the extra lift from the Salvia/Sage to get you further and pick up more detail, keep your concentration longer.

Let’s enjoy it whilst essential oils of Sage, any variety, are still so plentifully and cheaply available.

Have a great trip …

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  1. yeyopr Says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for letting them know!

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