Which One Shall I Be Tonight?

I thought tonight when I was choosing my aromatherapy companions for the evening (God I love this trip! It’s been going on for a year and shows no signs of abating. Every time I think I’m done with it, something else comes along!) …

… if I was an aromatherapy oil, which one would I want to be?

As you know, I’ve given them evocative names like the Ghost Hunter and The Champion and so forth; it gives them a shape my human neurology can deal with and make relationships with; and I do think of the essences in terms of angels, companions, friends, if you will.

So which one?

Tonight, I choose Elemi – Coloured Lights.

[An aside – I have The Magic Bottle as a shortcut on my desktop and use that to go to the site when I want to. On this occasion, I was going to look up Elemi and post the link to it for this message. The Magic Bottle said “China Star Anise” and I nearly passed it by to go to the A-Z, but then I didn’t and that’s what that said:

Aniseed China Star is good for people who have abandoned their bodies; builds compassion for the body, rekindles good body feelings, helps with eating disorders and sexual problems. A major component of romantic love potions.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a hermit who wanted to be a holy man and decided he had to find God in the desert. So he went and lived in the stony desert by himself; and he lived there for so long that the sands and winds and heat and cold blew all memory of why he was even there, what he was called or why he had come from his mind. He became a wild thing that wandered about and one day, he wandered close to the home of a woman who had build a house at the edge of the desert, near a fine spring, where she grew fruit and flowers and many healing herbs as well.

She saw the man and became fascinated; over many days, she befriended him like a wild animal and eventually he came close enough to take some food from her hand. He looked so lost and thin that the woman had a great feeling of compassion flow over her – she couldn’t help herself, she stroked his face. He didn’t draw back, but stared at her – her touch reminded him of many things that were now coming back to him.

It took a long time but eventually, he became a husband and then a father, and finally learned what holiness is really all about.

======== hm ….]

Anyway. Elemi.


Yes, I want to be Elemi tonight.

Which one do you want to be?

Elemi aromatherapy essential oil

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