Caution! Tattoos Cause Holes In The Aura

An interesting story I came across the other day was a reference that using Helichrysum essential oil was particularly good for “repairing the holes in the aura caused by tattoos”.

I hadn’t thought about it, but it makes sense to me that this might be the case.

There may also be a case for some people putting tattoos on places where there are already disturbances in the aura or in the energy body in general. Often, people choose protective symbols like power animals, crosses, skulls and crossbone and so forth which would work as warding off to certain energy forms.

It’s an interesting thing. But either way, if you feel you have weak spots in the aura, try some Helichrysum – whether you have tattoos or not.

Helichrysum Essential Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy Helichrysum Essential Oil

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One Response to “Caution! Tattoos Cause Holes In The Aura”

  1. aromatherapy4soul Says:

    In recent years, Helichrysum has doubled and tripled in price. This is because it is mainly grown around the mediterranean, and they’ve had terribly hot summers with little rain in the past few years. I was in Bosnia last year and it was incredible how hot it was – so that’s going to on for at least another year.

    However and on the bright side, the Helichrysum oils that are on the market now have a real “survivor kick” on top of their normal effects as well, because only the strongest survived to be there at harvest time.

    I think that makes the extra price well worth it, and we may in years to come, think fondly of the 2006-2008 vintages that were uniquely powerful and rarely repeated.

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