Breathing In Aroma All The Way

Just sniffing an aromatherapy essential oil is fab – wonderful sensations, instantly being transported to another time, another place, cares drifting away, energy movements all over your body …

Aaah ….

Can it get any better?

Try this:

Draw in your breath r-e-a-l-l-y slowly and follow with your intention as the breath you have drawn in begins to travel all through your body, down to the very last tips of your hair, your fingers and your toes.

And there it rushes out as you breathe out fully and completely – beautiful!

In and of itself, this is already fun. When you add an essential oil of your choice, this is carried by your breath into every part of your body and then through and out, leaving you amazingly tingly and fresh, clear – rejuvanated.

Remember on the outbreath, you are only breathing out through your mouth that what wasn’t used – that what was used leaves forward and outward, through your skin, all around, an ongoing energy transmission that keeps your body always clear and alive.



2 Responses to “Breathing In Aroma All The Way”

  1. dete1 Says:

    Oh yes,
    this was great! Got a veeery nice tingling and feel a bit brighter now.
    Thanks 🙂


  2. Eric Says:


    Wow. I wish I had thought about that. It is very insightful. Not only that, it is refreshing and yet down to earth at the same time. Fantastic post….

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